Friday, 21 October 2016

V/A - Back To Front Vol.4 1994

Start the weekend with this amazing compilation and we're Back To Front and face rare Punkrock once again. Nineteen world-famous hits that belong to every decent music box. Incognito Records, 1000 copies and some of these nuggets you can find here in the blog, as well as volume 2 + 3 of this series. I hope you have the sun where it should shine and enjoy this round collection of hits.

1.Daddy Is My Pusher - THE TITS
2.Bela Sljiva - PEKINŠKA PATKA
3.Withdraw - THE STANDBYS
4.Catholic Love - EAT
5.Sätkyihminen - HURSKAS
6.Stooges - P.I.G.Z.
7.Wrong Time Wrong Place - IGNERENTS
8.I'm Tired - M&M'S
9.Chop Chop Chop - THE NEWS
10.The Kids Just Wanna Dance - FAST CARS
11.Psychedelic Musik - LIGHTNING RAIDERS
12.Jeg Ved Hvor Du Er - JOHNNY CONCRETE
13.Action - KNOTS
14.Pets - ANOREXIA
15.We're Comin' - WIDOWS
16.You'r So Boring - ROCKS
17.Cancer - CITY KENT
18.One More Eviction - TOT ROCKET & THE TWINS
19.Where Did The Money Go? - VICTIMIZE

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

KAI MARTIN & STICK! - Biomusik 1980

Gothenburg band Kai Martin & Stick! or just Stick! which was originally called, was one of the early punk's most persistent and hard underrated band. But they quickly developed into a direction that made it into punk and conservative circles criticized the band hard. They we not called one of the right bands, synth bands and other patronizing, but the fact remains, punk was not a homogeneous musical style but accounted for musical freedom, which Kai Martin and Stick seized upon. The debut single, "Binder Min Tid" was released in 1979, the year after came the LP "Biomusik". This was followed by the critically acclaimed "Röd Plåt" LP in 1982 plus the 7'' "Man Ska Vara Som Ett Vilddjur I År" (You Should Be Like A Beast), who also restored some of the band's punk stamp, the group participated in both radio and television and in 1984 the band played at the Roskilde Festival and recordings of what was to become the group's last album, "Upptåndelsen" which is released the following year, 1985. Kai Martin & Stick! did their last show, which incidentally was recorded off the radio, on the Castle Forest Theatre 10. August 1985. At the gala Swedish Punk 25 years shook however, Kai and Gomer, along with Punk City Rockers, the dust out with "Beast" and "I Do Not Dance." With this cuts the band proved also that their detractors were wrong, Kai Martin & Stick! are definitely at home in punk!

- Special Thx to Fredrik -

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

C.O.M.A. - Clinik Organik Muzak Anatomik 1979

This is another very interesting record and a veteran of cold-wave/weird synth punk music by this French trio Philip Ross, Philipp Huart and Patrick Blain, with their only album released on FlamingoEnergetic and very atmospheric electropunk stuff, proto punk ethic is added industiels of synths, electronics thrown carelessly and chaotic manner and voice that aim to convey rage and alienation. C.O.M.A. create a fresh gloomy sound and move in the fairway of bands like Kraftwerk, only harder and more provocative. 2013 Danger Records has been pressed a re-release (listen). Members went on to form Charles De Goal and Danse Macabre in the 80s. Great songs! And now quickly back into my warm bed.

- Big Thx to François -

Monday, 17 October 2016


Some time has elapsed since the last Metal post and now a real highlight from Germany. This is one of the records which got lousy reviews in many metal magazines so for me an interesting record. This is the debut album by Necronomicon, a German thrash metal band founded in 1983 and two years later they recorded a demo called Total Rejection and in their early days they made punkrock in the vein of GBH or Discharge, hard, fast & loud but then soon they change more into metal. In 1985, the quartet signed their first record contract at GAMA Records. The band released their debut album "Necronomicon", still dressed in punk outfits on the cover. With a mixture of hard thrash with strong punkrock influences, they gained notoriety in the underground scene. To this day the band has produced eight albums, the second I had but still did not approach the strong debut, so I've just sold it. What I here like are the chainsaw guitars, the devilish rough voice (today I find it quite funny) and the powerful sound which drives consistently through the eight songs. Don't have to hide behind the American trashers, a solid German metal Platte.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

HASSISEN KONE - Täältä Tullaan Venäjä 1980

Hassisen Kone (Temptation) was a Finnish punk rock band from Joensuu which was founded at the end of 1979. The group started with a new wave of punk, but began to develop towards the end of a progressive direction. All three of the actual albums are classics of Finnish rock. Motion religious leader became angry with the band's name, and the band changed their name for a short time into 'Kassinen Machine". The band won a contest held in Oulu and shortly they released their debut 7'' on Poko Records. They recorded three highly successful albums before disbanding in 1982. The singer/songwriter Ismo Alanko has led several bands since then and continues to be an influential name in Finnish rock music. Hassisen Kone has played several nostalgic reunion concerts after they disbanded. In 2000, they reunited for a concert on midsummer at the Joensuu Laulurinne. The concert was filmed and released as a DVD titled Twenty Vuotta Myöhemmin (Twenty Years Later). Check this awesome band out.

- Special Thx to Fredrik -

Friday, 14 October 2016


Svart Framtid (Black Future) is regarded as the first one-piece band out of the Blitz-House and they were pioneers because they were the first Norwegian hardcore band that went on international tour. The Band had no bandbil so they bought instead interrail tickets and took the train around Germany from city to city and almost booked gigs along the way. Svart Framtid released only this awesome six-track EP which came out as the first release on vocalist Gunnar Nuven its newly established label Plateselskap and a live tape called "Live Blitz" which was recorded live at Blitz Oslo on 23.12.84. Gunnar Nuven was from the first era of punks in Oslo, he had among others and made his mark as a vocalist in the band Rush. The band dissolved in 1984 and Gunnar Nuven continued in bands like Kafka Process and So Much Hate. Harald Tredal continued in the band Locked Doors and Behind Bars and has also tried acting with a small role in the Norwegian film Schpaaa 1998. Nils Aune continued in the band Four Fæle guys, Kafka Process and Raga Rockers. Anders Eide continued in Behind Bars. This EP has high aggregate value and traded a few times a year for well over a thousand tag on eBay. "Scorching those decibels with an uproarious thrash barrage is Norway's Svart Framtid, jumping from chord to chord with different paces and plucks. Six exciting numbers that focus on major world wide problems, as the crude vocalist screams out in agony, like the people who feel it day after day. Speedy guitar with rapid drum splashings lead Svart Framtid into a hectic dose of creative, yet alarming piledrivers. Great active stuff, the tip of the iceburg in Norway. On X-Port Plater." - Pushead, from Puszone, January 1985

VOPO'S - Dead Entertainment 1981

Start the weekend with a further classic album which was releaased on Redlux Records. The response over their debut 7inch (here) was not little and now I found the album on my hard drive and in the net it's present but most of the links are dead and hereby a wish is fulfilled, is that nothing??? Vopo's were founded 1978 in Zwolle and was one of the oldest bands from cheese-roller-country. This is their awesome debut album and I can tell you this record is a decent heightening, everythings is in its right place. Check more Vopo's on divers comps on wdthtc. Don't wanna waste my time with fuckin' words, get this ass-kicker and shut up!

Thursday, 13 October 2016

INOCENTES - Adeus Carne 1987

So, one is still going and we cross the atlantic and stop in São Paulo, the biggest city in Brazil. The Inocentes were formed 1981 and with their first record Miséria E Fome, released 1983, they get my full attention. Two of the four tracks appeared on the Life Is A Joke compilation via Weird System and both are fuckin' killers (I think you know the songs) but first they contributed four smasher on the Brazilian comp. Grito Suburbano from 1982. During their first incarnation in the first half of the 1980s, the band played basic energetic and politically charged hardcore punk. This record is their first full length on WEA and unfortunately not so aggressive as in their early days, a pity. But the gentlemen are very active and have continuously produced albums and are still alive. Not a bad album but I would have wished more hardcore.

V/A - Unquestinably Late For The Trend... EP 1996

This is a real surprise and I did not know there is another 7Inch with that name. I recently posted the 12'' compilation a few days ago and here are more cuts from this session I think which made it not on the whole record. And seventeen years later the label Existential Vacuum published this rare one in an edition of 1012 copies, more Texas punk, all recorded 1978-1979. Released in a folded cardboard sleeve with an insert, detailing the history of ESR and the bands on this 7Inch. Nice release, all scans included, enjoy!

- Extra Special Thx to hiroshima.mon.amour -

3.Bomb The Arabs - VOMIT PIGS
4.Twilite Zone - THE SKUDS
5.Mag Rock - DOT VAETH