Wednesday, 24 August 2016

V/A - Killed By Epitaph 1998

And we stay geil with this unofficial reissue of the CD that originally appeared on Epitaph Europe in 1996, called "I'm Sure We're Gonna Make It - Dutch Punk Rock '77-'82". This double vinyl is limited to 1000 copies and compiled by Jeroen Vedder and released in Europe only; some wise punk put it out in it's proper form, for kids 'round the world to enjoy. And unike so many comps, this one is again full with rare and dirty heavy KBD stuff. Lotsa good information too. Jeroen, being a native dutchman, did his country a great service with this record. An excellent compilation of the early dutch punk scene, most tracks are really good with very few losers and some of which I'd never heard of before.

1.I'm Sure We're Gonna Make It - IVY GREEN
2.I Don't Care What The People Say - HELMETTES
3.Requiem For Martin Heidegger - PANIC
5.Football Song - SPEEDTWINS
6.Teenage Abortion - SUZANNES
7.Van Agt Casanova - PAUL TORNADO
8.Daddy Is My Pusher - TITS
9.Plastic - MOLLESTERS
10.Don't Hide Your Hate - FILTH
11.Treat Me Like A Doll - GOD'S HEART ATTACK
12.Half Twee - HELMETTES
13.Face Cover Face - MECANO LTD
14.Jesus Loves Me (But I Don't Care) - SUBWAY
15.Ich Liebe Ulrike - MORT SUBITE
16.Miracles - THE BROMMERS
17.Look Out The Cops - BVD
18.She's By My Side - SHITH
19.I Shouldn't Go - COÏTUS INT.
20.Menten - VOPO'S
21.Human Car - THE EX
22.Searching - NIXE
23.A Black & White Statement - RONDOS
24.I'm So Lazy - NITWITZ
25.Lang Zo Aardig Niet - TRÖCKENER KEKS
26.Bionic Adventure - FRITES MODERN

V/A - On The Street 1984

This awesome and rare compilaton was released by Sane Records and they give out one of the best UK Punk records ever (I mean it). This album features eighteen nuggets by British punk bands in their original demo form taken from the bands studio-recorded master tapes: "The idea behind Sane Records is to give "undiscovered" bands a chance to be "on disc" so that their music can be heard by people who wouldn't normally hear it, also all of us." Brilliant attitude and I wish more non-profit labels would do the same. The song selection is quite fantastic and the rough and dirty sound kicks in every way. I think there were not much copies pressed so catch one when you have the chance. Essential stuff!!!!

3.Suburbia's Dream - ACID ATTACK
4.Punx 'N' Skinz - OI POLLOI
5.Conned - DEVOID
6.Notts Punks - THE ABDUCTORS
7.Danger Zone - CATCH 22
8.Machines And Systems - CRIMINAL JUSTICE
9.Middle East Mayhem - CRIMINAL JUSTICE
10.Swimming Life - FUNGUS
11.I Don't Care - 4 MINUTE WARNING
12.Blow This Town - THE CLERGY
13.Molester - DEAD ON ARRIVAL
15.Brain Surgeon - OBSCENE FEMALES
18.Victory To The Rebels - ROUGH JUSTICE

- Big Special Thx to Fredrik -

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

MUFF POTTER - Bordsteinkantengeschichten 2000

Back in 1993 anyone gave me the demo tape "Bambule - Kleine Geschichten" from this German punk band from Rheine and meantime I've lost it. But I was pleased with their music and I bought their records. Muff Potter describe their style of music as Angry Pop Music, influenced by English and American Indie-/Punkrock like Hüsker Dü, Wipers, Leatherface, but also of German bands like Slime, ...But Alive, Boxhamsters or EA80. In their early days they played Punkrock with profound lyrics without striking or strongly politically phrases. That's what I like, direct in your face!!!! Was the sound during their first records a bit scrapy the band gets with every album musically better & better and in my opinion their first three albums are still angry, desperate, honest, snotty and simply delicate. And by listen to the fourth, I suddenly lost my interest, something had gone, I don't know what but I never come in with the new stuff. You probably know that? Kinda like cycling without a saddle, beer without alcohol, a pale facade... Anyhow, Bordsteinkantengeschichten was finally out and I was eager and it's their best record to date. I remember how often the platte runs up and down, every fuckin' time. They recorded a lot songs for this album and two songs doesn't find a place on the album and were released as 7inch, called the Potthoff EP, spiced up with a witty outro. Both released on the bands own label Huck's Plattenkiste. Every song is great; my favourites are 'Take A Run At The Sun', 'Das Siegerlied', 'Unkaputtbar' and 'An Der Bordsteinkante'. If you have a wire to the bands mentioned above then you must listen to Muff Potter. Salut!!!

VOID SECTION - Virus 1995

Classic melodic punkrock from one of the oldest -still active- Belgian bands. Void Section find its roots back in 1989. "They from the Antwerp/Heist-op-Den-Berg and they are one of the oldest melodic punkrockbands of Belgium and they are already active for about 15 years, spewing out fast and catchy punkrocktunes. Having played with bands like NO FX, Bad Religion, Ten Foot Pole and so many other classic punkrockbands, they've gained a loyal fanbase that feels related to the music this combo is playing. Void Section has released several albums in the past, working together with various record labels like Tune records or the Brussels based I Scream records, but were looking for a label where they would feel part of the family and that's how they got hooked up with funtime records. With labelmates/punkrock collegues like Five Days Off, Homer, Cranck or Shandon, they're more than motivated to join the punkrocktrain. In october of 2003, Void Section has spend a month in the Grindhouse Studio to work on their new album. This album is their 2nd, released on Tune Records and is a blistering collection of fifteen melodic punkrocksongs." (info from Funtime Records).

Monday, 22 August 2016

BILLY KARLOFF & THE EXTREMES - Let Your Fingers Do The Talking 1981

You lucky because it's rainy weather today so I'm in a postin' ecstasy. Let's move to the U.K. and find this nugget and I grab some info for you from Ira Robbins: "In 1977, Billy Karloff & the Goats regularly gigged at the Roxy, London's fabled punk venue, and made an obscure album called The Maniac. Having been enjoined from using the name Billy Karloff & the Supremes, a later incarnation (including ex-Tom Robinson Band drummer Dolph Taylor) ultimately became the Extremes. For reasons unknown, this unreconstructed Sham 69-like punk band wound up with an American label deal and recorded a glossily produced batch of sarcastic shouters. No big deal." More details on Bored TeenagersBut this even: the line-up featured Karloff, Neil Hay (guitar), Paul Jeiman (guitar), Dolphin Taylor (drums ex – ‘Tom Robinson Band’ later ‘Stiff Little Fingers’ / ‘Spear Of Destiny’) and bassist Glen Buglass. It was this incarnation that recorded the 1981 album “Let Your Fingers Do The Talking” and the singles “Headbangers”/“Don’t Keep Me Down” and “Summer Holiday”/“It’s Too Hot”, though a second album “The Vinyl Solution” remains unreleased to this day. The first 7Inch Crazy Paving was released on Warner as well and is a nice two-sided-pop goodie. Sadly, Billy passed away in 2003. Now you are sufficiently informed and I urge you to get this album immediately.

- Special Thx to Fredrik -

GENETIKS - @ Waggon/Offenbach 15.11.2012

Every year comes not only the Christ child. No!, but also the fabulous Genetiks from Nuremberg. And since this is so, one must in the best location in the Rhine-Main area is in my calendar every year. On November 15, 2012 a joyous evening was announced in the Waggon (Offenbach) again because the German wave-punks from Franconia played the last gig of their successful "Mommy, Can I Go Out & Tour Tonight?" Tour. In a good Misfits tradition the four boarded the stage and ensured with their enthusiasm and charm for warm temperatures at every visitor (I remember it was a damn cold autumn evening). The song selection provided an excellent cross-section of their three albums and the sound was pretty loud and sometimes chaotic. The cozy Waggon atmosphere is magic. It's as when the concert is in your own living room and at any moment could be the neighbor with the cops at the door and they get puked in the face, as always. And this great feeling is what distinguishes the Waggon and I like being there. A true gem of our subculture. I think for every band which play there is this something special and the recordings here confirm this. The Genetiks played a fantastic concert and gave us once again a memorable evening. The sound qualitiy is again superb and an impulsive 80s punk rock with electric elements from 2011 is posted here. Let the band know what you think and get in touch: Genetiks or MySpace or fakebook. If your band like to play in the Waggon too or you're wanna enjoy a nice evening then visit the Blog or MySpace. Appendix: I'm not quite sure but I think the band has dissolved... would be a pity. Now for me this exceptional evening a beautiful and unforgettable memory, Fuck God!

Intro/Punx Not Dead/Prager Fenstersturz/Rom/Held/Affenliebe/Jeden Tag Kuchen/1946/Hexenjagd/Kein Gott/Keine Neue Heimat/Ceaucesku/Zombie Aus Rust/Zwei Schritte/Nachts In Deutschland/Natürlich/Astronaut/Du Kämpfst/P.N.T.

EPPU NORMAALI - Maximum Jee&Jee 1979

One of the oldest bands and still active is Eppu Normaali from Ylöjärvi, near Tampere. The members of the original band were Juha Torvinen (guitar), Mikko Saarela (bass), Aku Syrjä (drums), and brothers Martti Syrjä (vocals) and Mikko "Pantse" Syrjä (guitar), [the brothers are the sons of accomplished writers Kirsi Kunnas and Jaakko Syrjä]. In 1979, bassist Mikko Saarela left the band, and Mikko Nevalainen played bass in Eppu Normaali until 1989. The band released a lot of 7inches and albums and with their pop-punk sound they have a lot of fans worldwide, no wonder. A bit influenced by the Ramones, how many finnish punk bands, but soon their found their own style and distance themselves clearly from those in my opinion. They initially released albums in a punk pop style that gained favourable reviews, but the band did not gain mainstream acceptance until 1984 with what had evolved into a more AOR-oriented music style. So this is the second album with twelve superb pop-punk numbers, released via Poko Records.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

V/A - Spaniard Punk Olé! 1983

Unofficial reissue of the "Spaniard Punk Olé!" compilation tape from 1983 pressed on two records and released 2011 by Producciones Magnetofónicas Piratas. Eleven bands, thirty-one tracks, a solid mix of punk and hardcore in typical Spanish style as we love it all. The sound quality is somewhat precarious and was diluted 1:1 into the wax. Unfortunately no further informations enclosed but for such a chic collection not so tragic in my opinion. After all, the original tape cover is inside. Grab it!

1.Yo Les Mando A La Mierda - VULPESS
2.Inkisición - VULPESS
3.Anarquía En TV - VULPESS
4.Dios Se Salve A Sí Mismo - FAMILIA REAL
5.Cambio De Personalidad - FAMILIA REAL
7.¿Cuánto Tiempo Hemos De Aguantar? - IV REICH
8.La Masacre Continúa - IV REICH
9.No Más Sueños Estúpidos - IV REICH
10.No Al Ejército - IV REICH
11.El Bobo Eres Tú - RADIO OCÉANO
12.We're Attack - ATTAK
13.Anarquía En El Sistema - ATTAK
14.No More Dictate - ATTAK
15.Sin Título - ATTAK
16.Died - ATTAK
17.Asesinos De Ciudad - ATTAK
18.¿Sólo Es Una Moda? - ATTAK
19.We're Attack - ATTAK
20.El Pistolón - LOS NIÑATOS
21.El Escapulario - EL FRENTE IDIOTA
22.Círculo Vicioso - SLIP & SPERMA
23.Un Porvenir Oscuro - ALMA Y LOS CADÁVERES
24.5 Días En Egipto - ALMA Y LOS CADÁVERES
25.Suicidio Colectivo - ALMA Y LOS CADÁVERES
26.Estoy Hasta Las Tetas - ALMA Y LOS CADÁVERES
27.Confidencias Con Nutrexpa - ALMA Y LOS CADÁVERES
28.Viva La Superpoblación - ALMA Y LOS CADÁVERES

Saturday, 20 August 2016

PSYCHED UP JANIS - @ Roskilde 05.07.2014

Well, let's come to a very fuckin' special one and I promise: if you love this combo or you only know the Raveonettes then you will be amazed! Psyched Up Janis, my favourite danish band were surprisingly invited to the Roskilde Festival 2014 and with what they come across is just excellent. Nineteen powerful jewels which shows a very good overview of their albums plus rare B-side tracks of their 7inches, for me an absolute blast. All three gents in a top playin' mood and the sound is bombastic. I've banned this immediately on CD and it runs at full volume almost every day. This is music as I like, melodic, hard/soft, audible anytime and lyrics which rarely heard nowadays. Yeah, this is great stuff and this is cool and I regret to experience them not live. Thx to those who recorded and shoot the cool pictures which decorates the artwork, of course done by myself, and if you guess where I shoot the front cover then I will send you prompt a copy of this damn killer.

 I Died In My Teens/Vanity/Evil Beauty/Where The Lights Won't ShineEverything's A Blast/Modest Us/Strange Pier/Chandelier/Shoot The Breeze/New Five/Swirl Like You/Hopefully/Girls/Subsonic Why/I Think You Suck/Fragments/The Stars Are Out/Special One/Shudder


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