Thursday, 22 June 2017

CHELSEA - We Dare EP 1994

One of the 'oldest' UK punk bands are Chelsea from London and their story starts in 1976 and more than two decades after its release, "Right To Work", Chelsea's debut single, is included in Mojo Magazine's list of the best punk rock singles of all time. So you can search for more info about the band the web and for more music move over to the great F.P.F.T.P. blog and choose your favorite record from the generous offer. On this nice 7Inch, released via the German Weser Label, are three hymns. We Dare is sung in German with text translation while the flip comes with two live goodies, recorded at their German tour September/October 1994. A brilliant idea I find.

- Huge Thx to Fredrik -

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

X-BELIEBIG - Leben Ist Blut 7'' 1982

Started 1980 in Vienna, X-Beliebig based primarily on German Punk, although none of them felt as a punk. After months of rehearsals, followed later that year the first performance at the Wiener Neustadt Snack Bar, followed by numerous gigs which organized by the band themselves and in summer they released their first 7'' on Panza-Platte, "Leben Ist Blut" become a hit at the U4. Founding member Franz then left the band and was replaced by Zoltán and they moved away from punk and turned more towards to Wave (inspired by bands such as Joy Division). Shortly they released a mini-LP which is hardly known today and extremely difficult to find. After a gig in Innsbruck the band disbanded in 1983. Visit the Austro-Rock-Lexikon blog for more secrets and catch this rare copy yet!

Monday, 19 June 2017

WORKMATES - Live In Berlin EP 1980

Not much known about this five piece from Rotterdam. Only this record from Kreuzhammer with five cool punkies. Remarkable women and man singing, ergo two singers plus the amazingly good recording quality. Berna Bermate & Harry Storemate (vox), Martin (guitar), Hermann (bass) and Herman (drums). That's it!

Sunday, 18 June 2017

MARY MONDAY & THE BITCHES - I Gave My Punk Jacket To Rickie 7'' 1977

This record is one of the best punk 7'' in my opinion and was released on Malicious Productions. I know this one's is posted in many blogs so Fredrik sent me his copy and I have no other choice to present this sucker again. Lner notes I found and I say thx for this to -k-: "Mary Monday & The Bitches with their sole release is a ‘77 favorite - John Peel even said so - that tends to get overlooked in the heaps of punk records that were coming out at the end of the 70s. Both sides are poppy, kinda sloppy, and (most importantly) just downright fun. The b-side, is also a total rocker complete with manic, burning guitar. The single leaves you wanting more, but unfortunately, like so many others, the band left us with this great piece of wax and then disappeared into thin air. The band’s story seems to be shrouded in mystery, but according to several sources Mary Monday and the Bitches were five band members that got together in 1977 from California. Riding the invigorating punk wave, the back of their single was held together by safety pins in accordance with the “punk” fashion trend that was becoming increasingly common. Mary’s backing band were apparently a San Francisco bar band known as the Street Punks who had disbanded before the decade’s end. After “I Gave My Punk Jacket To Rickie”, it’s difficult to track down where SF scene queen Mary Monday went for certain, but some have claimed she assumed another pseudonym (Vermillion Sands) and wrote for the fanzine Search & Destroy, as well as continuing within the punk scene and participating in other musical endeavors for an indeterminate amount of time. Anyway, this single’s a favorite and “Punk Jacket” was also included on the great My Girlfriend Was A Punk! compilation, which collects early punk bands from all over the world."

- Huge Thx to Fredrik -

Thursday, 15 June 2017

COPY CATS - Fuck You If You Don't Like It! EP 1998

Debut record by Frankfurt's Copy Cats and I'm too lazy to write but I found two reviews which brings it to the point: "Took a long time until the thing was done but the result can be seen and heard above all. Three snotty Punk'n'Roll numbers (two covers by Chesterfield Kings and Nomads plus a separate song that I like the best by far), which occur well ass and apparently some people also stimulate other body regions. Swen by Plastic Bomb has chosen this drive to his favorite masturbate. This is very commendable, and we support such a thing only too happy to print especially for him by a pin-up photo of the singer Silke. Who does not own this music, which was hastily send ten dollars to the address above, because it certainly does not take long to get this thing can only buy at exorbitant prices in sleazy sex shops". (Köing Chauki, Gerda No.2 1998, Frankfurt) - "This is one of my favorite bands right now. Great garage rock with sleezy girl group vocal action. ShangriLa/Runaways fans, this is gonna get ya shakin’ Hot Nomads cover!" (Jeff Dahl, Sonic Iguana, 1999) - Their second 7Inch (Better Be Good) is with it and should you love their sound you need the Vampirella 10'' as well.

SENSUURI - Hulinaa 1979

Sensuuri was founded 1978 by young and prospective musicians Pepe (voice) and Costello (guitars), completed with Jaska (bass) and Pasi (drums). In fall 1978 Epe Helenius happended to see them play live in Safety Pins Club, and he immediately offered them a chance to record a single for Poko Rekords. A year later their first 7Inch 'Kirjoitan Seinään' was released and was surprisingly very well received and of course, an album had to be followed which was finally implemented shortly afterwards. The band started practising new material and Hulinaa was released in summer 1979. It followed a couple of 7Inchers and songs on various compilations (Hilse) and in 1980 after recording a song for the 'Hellää Terroria Korville' EP, in the intention to promote a fortcoming second album Jaska and Pepe left the band and Sensuuri was buried. A CD with all their studio works comes 1996 via Kråklund Records out. Now enjoy twelve nuggets early Finnish punkrock.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

INCONTROLLADOS - Hvem Vil Det Gavne? EP 2001

The now defunct Incontrollados started out as a two-piece from Svendborg in 1999. After playing a few shows Lasse was recruited to sing and soon after recording the first demo-tape and releasing a couple of songs on the SPAND BZ compilation, Johan O.D. followed to complete the line-up. In 2001 the 2nd demo-tape was recorded and the band made a deal for a 7" with Kick'n' Punch Records. After returning, the band continued gigging, rehearsing and writing some of their best songs. But people were breaking their backs on the band and everything collapsed during a show in Odense where the bandmembers got in a fight between eachother on stage. The band left stage and broke up right after. This EP contains eight short leckmichamarschgoodies and gotta kick your ass.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

AUS 98 - Alles Fällt 7'' 1983

This rare 7Inch was released via Ausklang Records and is the only record by AUS 98, the predecessor of Circle of Sig-Tiü with two great songs, both were later new recorded for the Feuer+Asche album in 1985. The a-side is a typical fast track as the band are known for while the flip is a gloomy five minute number, suitable for funerals or similar occasions, very cryptic. Anyway, a cool record and really timeless.

Monday, 12 June 2017


Eindhoven formation begins in 1976 as rhythm & blues band, closely related to the British pubrock. In 1977 the group switching to punk. The Flyin' Spiderz is the first Dutch punk band that appears on plate. In the early days the band is affiliated with the Dynamite label and booking agency of the European independent pioneer Pieter Meulenbroek (Sky Dog). The single 'Down', with a cover design by Joost Swarte, is never released. The group plays in 1977 as opening for The Damned in Paradiso. Sky Dog goes over the head and the band gets offered a contract with EMI. The debut album contains aggressive rock & roll, which is more like the music of pre-punk band as Count Bishops than that of the Pistols or The Damned. The Spiderz touring extensively throughout the country and arouse their energetic show and punk image especially in rural bewildered and sometimes aggressive responses. 

1978 the second album 'Let It Crawl' came out and goes more into rock. From the moment bassist Van Vugt is replaced by Jan Snep, remains messing around this time equivalent. One year later a third album called 'Birthday' was planned but was not released because EMI terminates the contract. Roadie Bart Brouwer joins as a keyboard player in the band, which moves the band into a more melodic. The band recently called in to The Spiderz and brings the 'Pressure' album out on WEA.

The fourth record 'Lines Of Lust' goes towards new wave. The group is expanding its field successfully to France, including appearances on TV, in Gribus Club in Paris and at the Festival of Montreux (July 13th). In England, the group in the schedule during the British tour of Iggy Pop. The British bassist Walter Langdon replaces John Snep. A new mix of I'm Yours Tonight appears on single with a guest role on keys Manfred Man.

After releasing the 7inch 'The Test' in 1981 the band broke up.

So this debut album was released in 1977 and is the first Punk LP by a Dutch Band and it's pretty fantastic. It's apparent in the music that this was a pub rock band that adapted quickly to the new punk sound spreading it's filth across Europe. "These four erratic Dutchmen, led by rhythm guitarist/singer/songwriter Guus Boers, put forth solid, Stonesy punk just a hair better than a hundred others of like mind, threatening to turn derivation to their advantage but never quite succeeding. Neither album shows more than fleeting signs of excitement, and neither has better than perfunctory production." Check more Spiderz on the Killed By Death #F.U.2 and Killed By Epitaph or other essential compilations.