Tuesday, 19 September 2017

V/A - Torino 198X [Tape] 1983

This famous piece was born by Disforia Tapes and rushes with thirty eight hardcore/punk goodies from Turin into your warm room. Much unknown stuff you can hear but my favorite band is without doubt: Declino, they have two strong EPs released in the 80s, and I had one of them in my hands, plus an awesome split tape with Negazione, listen here. The sound quality is quite good and if you love the Italian sound so is this a delicacy and must be heard.

1.Mai Capirai - BLUE VOMIT
2.Non Sopporto - BLUE VOMIT
3.Fotti Il Mito - BLUE VOMIT
4.Vaffanculo - BLUE VOMIT
5.Facile - BLUE VOMIT
6.Vivo In Una Città Morta - BLUE VOMIT
7.Operazione Macapà - BLUE VOMIT
9.Lotta Per Il Potere - KOLLETTIVO
10.Odio La Società - KOLLETTIVO
12.Luoghi Terreni - KOLLETTIVO
13.Sempre Così - KOLLETTIVO
14.Teatro - KOLLETTIVO
15.Vomito - KOLLETTIVO
16.A Te, Democrazia - KOLLETTIVO
17.Stato - DECLINO
18.Monopolio Del Cervello - DECLINO
19.Ipocrisia Di Pace - DECLINO
20.Sistema Omicida - DECLINO
21.Oppressione - DECLINO
22.Coaliteati Del Sistema - C.B.A.
23.Allucinazione Metropolitana - 5° BRACCIO
24.Ricambio Umano - 5° BRACCIO
25.Rabbia E Disperazione - 5° BRACCIO
26.Occupazione - 5° BRACCIO
27.Musica Caos - KINA PUNK
28.Dio - KINA PUNK
29.Sindacato - KINA PUNK
30.Visione Distorta - D.D.T.
31.Vita Organizzata - D.D.T.
32.Spreco - D.D.T.
33.Gioco - D.D.T.
34.Terrore - D.D.T.
35.Mai Più Tortura - 5° BRACCIO
36.Le Strade - KOLLETTIVO
37.Instrumentale - BLUE VOMIT
38.Live - C.B.A.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

V/A - British Underground 1977-1982 Vol.2

There are days I really like to sit at the computer and postin' some rare stuff, today is such a day, and let's come to the last cream on this coldy Sunday and it's an unoffical compilation from Chaos Wrecords, released in an edition of 700 hand-numbered copies (I think in 1994) and this fourteen British Underground pieces are certainly not the best of UK punk & wave goodies (in my opinion) but it's another piece of countless bootlegs (it's good that they exist) and the song selection is not bad. I cannot say how I came across this series but it was worth and I bought this record via ebay. I love English punk and with the Disco Zombies and Crisis are two of my favorite bands on it, so bring it on. Of course required Volume 1 and a total of three slabs of this mini-serie were released to date and the last one follows then in 2022. Now enjoy the rest weekend with beautiful music, cold beer and other intoxicating means + the sun.

1.Fun In The UK - POP RIVETS
2.Vital Hours - THE OUTSIDERS
4.Active Repetition - PRODUCT OF REASON
5.You're A Disease - THE OUTCASTS
6.Things In General - THE PREFECTS
7.Here Come The Buts - DISCO ZOMBIES
8.Air Raid - DISORDER
10.Holocaust - CRISIS
11.Sex Machine - CRAWLING CHAOS
13.Medium Was Tedium - DESPERATE BICYCLES
14.Heathen - THE PACK

ANGESCHISSEN - @ Hamburg/Störtebeker 21.12.1994

Here is an amazing live recording from Angeschissen, a Hamburg combo which existed from 1984 to 1988 and they were one of the influential and stylistic punk bands of the Hamburg scene in the 80s and consisted of: Jens (vocals), Christian (guitars), Daniel (bass) and Stephan (drums + vocals). Christian was guitarist of Slime from 1980 until his first dissolution, where he had played together with Stephan; he was also drummer of Torpedo Moskau. Both brought hardcore punk into the style that hit American influences like Wipers and Rites Of Spring. In addition to singer Jens, Stephan also wrote some of the lyrics. The musical style of the band can be described as powerful dirty snotty melodic punkrock which is, in my opinion, live more intense and dynamic as on plate. In 1987 they released their first EP 'Angst Macht Keinen Lärm' via Buback. A year later comes the first longplayer, Angeschissen, with twelve goodies out and it was exclusively as vinyl record released. Then the band was supported by the studio guitarist Atli Grund and a split slab with Rachut's second band Das Moor came out also in 1988, shortly after the band was carried to the grave. In 1997 the Hamburger label Schiffen released a double album with all the recordings, this time also on CDFollow-up projects by Jens were then Blumen Am Arsch Der Hölle, Dackelblut, Oma Hans and Kommando Sonne-Nmilch. So this is an excellent live document in a very good quality and I saw them a few times and I like to remember their great, impulsive and funny performances. Their only important compilation contributions are on the great Hamburg '88 album by Bitzcore.

Wolf/Rücken/Hallo Tod/Strangulieren/Treibsand/Wissen Wohin/Liebesfalle/Omega Mensch/Good Good Things/Hund/Angst Macht Keinen Lärm/Blut Im Urin/Over The Edge/6 Jahre Sind Genug/Picture This/Weltschmerz/D-7/Schwein/Kreislauf/Window Shop For Love/Es Gibt Millionen/It's Not You

THE INCREDIBLE KIDDA BAND - Everybody Knows 7'' 1978

The Incredible Kidda Band (aka The Kidda Band) were a British power pop band formed in Nuneaton on 10 February 1976 and they signed to Psycho Records in 1978 and their first powerpop single "Everybody Knows" was released on 24 June that year. Members of the band were unhappy with the work of producer "Des Dolan" and so both tracks were remixed at Utopia Studios on 11 May at 1978. Without much evident quality improvement, the band remained unhappy. The single was reviewed in Melody Maker on 15 July 1978 by the producer Tony Visconti, famous for working with David Bowie, T-Rex as well as Thin Lizzy, and he wrote: "Great!! A good record at last. Good solid beat and the group actually sings in tune. This could chart (as they say in the biz). They sound young but aren't quite punk or new wave. I commend them for keeping their sound strong, simple and uncluttered." Other positive reviews appeared in Sounds 1978 (By Geoff Barton) and in Record Mirror by Rosalind Russell. Despite the favourable reviews, the single failed to sell in large numbers upon its release, however it was destined to become a collector’s item over 20 years later. (source: wikipedia) - So I love this record and both songs quite brilliant, the a-side was used for the cool Back To Front #2 compilation.

Friday, 15 September 2017

MARKY RAMONE & THE SPEEDKINGS - Good Cop Bad Cop 7'' + I've Got Dee Dee On My Mind 7'' 2002

Now some cool punk'N'roll from Marky Ramone & The SpeedKings. The band was founded in 2001 by Nick (vocals), Dee (guitars/vox), Glen (bass), Marky (drums) and they recorded a studio album which first came out in Europe/Argentina and Japan as "No If's, And's Or But's". Each of these releases featured different tracks as a bonus. It got then released in the USA as Legends Bleed in September 2002 and featured live tracks. The band did several Euro Tours as well as a Japan Tour and a US Tour which ended in 2003. They released several 7 inches, including "I've Got Dee Dee On My Mind" in memory of Dee Dee Ramone. A live album, "Alive", was recorded and released on Rawk'A Hula Records. Marky Ramone & The SpeedKings announced (March 13, 2004) that the band was split up, even they were recorded an second album. One reason to the "first split up" was that Marky can't do so many tours with SpeedKings than SpeedKings would like to. Hmmm, I think we pay for our excessive life and I hate to get old. Anyway, enjoy two ass-kickin-suckin-fuckin'-brain 7''s and feel young again.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

EXPLOSIVES - Come Clean EP 1979

One fine vinyl today and we drive back to Austin/Texas and meet the Explosives: Fred (drums + vocals), Cam (guitars + vocals) and Waller (bass + vocals) and they released their debut EP on their own label Black Hole Records and playing a few shows with old pals Al and John. On this recordings Tom was used as an additional guitarist and a second Strat, of course, amplifies the catchy rhythm of the four even more and I don't know how I come to this band. I discover many new bands via the Killed By Death, Bloodstains or other  compilations but this three piece had no detective on his radar... until now. Wait, there's one record: Live At Raul's from 1979 and they place two grandiose tartlet. After two more 7Inches their first album Restless Natives comes out on Ready Go Records and shortly thereafter the band broke up to my knowledge. Records with Roky Erickson followed but they lost the powerpop/punky roots of their early days. Now I still don't know how I came to the Explosives?? - Anyway, Come Clean is a decent record and all four ciggys kick the yellow out of the egg.... for sure!!

Monday, 11 September 2017

L'ATTENTAT - Made In GDR 1987

Einen habe ich noch für heute and it's a real nugget. L'Attentat was founded 1985 in Leipzig and was one of the most radical representatives of their genre. 1987 came these recordings on illegal ways in the BRD and were banned by X-Mist Records on vinyl. I remember someone gave me a tape with these recordings and at that time it was something special, iron curtain, cold war, etc... and the sound is quite respectable, not usual in the 80s, but I became attentive and ordered to my surprise the slab via mailorder for five or eight Deutschmark and I'm glad nowadays that I still own them, released in a big fold-out poster sleeve with translated lyric booklet and the thirteen songs can be measure without a doubt with the shit of today. A solid rough punk record with unpolished and political goodies as it could probably only arise during this time. All scans with it, vinyl rip, 192kBit/s ... grab it! 

THE HYNKELS - s/t EP 2004

Puh, yesterday was a chillin' one and I was not able to do anything. To the post: "We're Not A Part Of The Industry!“ is on the back of the one & only impressive EP (limited to 500) by this short lived band from Vienna. The Quartet is also very D.I.Y. and spits five awesome punk tunes between US Hardcore and early UK punk out my speakers. So the best ingredients are scattered! Simple structure content with a statement: "1-2 Fuck You!" and I love lyrics like this. The Hynkels can totally convincing. With humor and an adequate garage sound the band leaves all the mainstream scrap behind. So shall Punk Rock! Note: Unauthorised non-commercial public performances, broadcasting & copying welcomed! And so here it is: recommended....real honest.

Saturday, 9 September 2017

LOST KIDS - Bla Bla 2 1981

And more record today by Copenhagen's Lost Kids and this is their second and last one, again on Medley Records and unfortunately the slab is not quite impressive as Bla Bla 1 and I play with the idea of selling them. The songs ripple without emotions and I am really disappointed, from the eleven songs are two or three really cool but the rest is lame and not my cup of tea, even a trumpet is used so what the fuck? Too much pop and the band lost their aggression and hardness. Well, somehow I had a different memory but now... listen best to yourself and write how you find it. I'm going to take a shower, then soccer and later a gig in the waggon. Cheers!

V/A - Bloodstains Across Hessen 2017

Welcome to a special Bloodstains compilation, the first by a state in the heart of Germany. It's Hessen, the beautiful country where I live and it's full with rare stuff from the period 1981 to 1995. Twenty-four raw and essential punkrock blasts which show that really good bands made very good music and it's time to appreciate this with this slab. I hope you enjoy as much as I do and maybe a second one will follow.

2.Arbeitslos - DIE KINSKIS
4.Glücklichmensch - FISHKICKS
5.I Hate The World - VOMIT VISIONS
6.What Can We Do? - MANIACS
7.Superstar - DIE CRACKERS
9.Wenn Sie Kommen - BILDSTÖRUNG
10.Chauvi - VØLXFRØNT
12.Straßenkampf - JUNGE FRONT
13.Bruno Baumann - BÖHSE ONKELZ
14.Krankland - WOCHENSCHAU
15.Diese Welt (Live) - ELEND
16.Der Bauer Schweigt (Live) - SPORTSGROUP
19.Nazi Baby - KACKTUSSE
20.Fool Around - ERIC HYSTERIC
22.Fuck Off Pessimism - RESULT OF BOREDOM
23.Titten - KONG DONG
24.Positiv - DIE KINSKIS