Saturday, 15 July 2017


Ok, we move to Berlin and meet Zerstörte Jugend, a German hardcore punk band which was founded in 1983 while Vorkriegsjugend are still active but it boiled within VKJ and so Heiland (vox), Sepp (guitars), Bomber (bass) and Rubbel (drums) decided to form another combo and via Shlitz Musikversorgung they released this superb album with ten energic storming HC/Punk candles, essentially like VKJ with the same hardness and aggressiveness. One year later the mini album 'Spastic Nightmare' followed on Destiny Records and three songs on the brilliant What Doesn't Hurt Us Makes Us Stronger compilation. Remarkable the cover, a harmless young man that wants to cut up a young girl, smack-fueled punk ;)

Friday, 14 July 2017

THE GYMSLIPS - Rocking With The Renees 1983

Weekend and let's start with pure smoochy girlie music from The Gymslips and they are a spirited punk-influenced pop band. The lyrics to songs like Drink Problem, Face Lifts, Barbara Cartland and the title track are hardly sophisticated, but they will make you smile. And they also do some great cover versions - Suzi Quatro's 48 Crash and a song called Robot Man. The Gymslips are tuneful pop-punk songs, in the Ramones style, romantic gentle pop, Songs about being one of the lads, being proper working class. This is Renee Power & that's it and if you had a chance to buy a this!!!!

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

REPULZ - Telling Your Future EP 1981

Let's join Sweden again and find an interesting record which is a little different. Released on Stepping Mexican Produktion, this is the only slab by Repulz, a Hardrock band from Västervik. The EP starts with a nice rock ballad which is, I think typical for hard-rockers, held extreme melancholy, bad desperate and very personal. Sometimes, I like those songs but not always. 'God Save The Rock'N'Roll' is the second track and is a pretty ode to this rebellion sound which we all part of it and punkrock would not exists. The last tune is for me the best because there's the punk spirit alive and you feel it explicit. Résumé: uncomplicated, solid playin', no pain in the ass & NO fuckin' metal post. Check them out!

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

Monday, 10 July 2017

CHARGE - Destroy The Youth EP 1982

Charge released their second EP in 1982, none of the tracks appeared on an album. Some info from the unfortunately no longer active UK82 site: From the 'Punks Not Dead' magazine: "Not strictly a 'young band' having been knocking around since the heady summer of '77 this North London band now finally seemed poised to make some impact in their home country after years of relative success sur le continent. Their latest EP majoring on 'Kings Cross' (1981 on Test Pressings Records) features some fine shambolic punk noise that's messy and untutored but boisterously catchy and lotsa fun. And it looks like they'll be doing a lot of gigs with Anti-Pasti soon come too so you can see 'em for yourselves. Hecklers should be advised that amongst their European fans is a selection of Cosa Nostra members. Tatty blond guitarist Stu explained: "We were playing all these theatres in Italy that were owned by the Mafia. The audience were full of thugs, real villains. After one gig we were being driven around in a fleet of bullet proof limos... it was an amazing experience..." This record is pure killer punk with little goth tendencies which later dominated their sound. The band quits in 1983. They also featured on Killed By Death #33 compilation.

- Huge Thx to Reinhard -

SS KIDS - Humans Punks EP 1983

From Dunkerque came the SS Kids and this rare 7Inch was released by the band itself and members were Edon (vox), Haricot (guitars), John Fed (Bass) and Discharge (drums). Not find on any relevant compilations or elsewhere infos, presumably it's due to the provocative band name, anyway. What is sure, they recorded four first-rate mid-tempo punches which fit immediately and makes the long fuckin' Monday a bit pleasant for me. Good stuff!!

Sunday, 9 July 2017

FOCKE-WULF 190 - s/t EP 1992

The Focke-Wulf 190 was a German fighter plane of World War II and this band from Detroit (I guess and why they chose this name remains their secret) hit with their only four track a real gem out, released on Force Majeure Records. I bought this record pretty cheap on a local record fair which I have often visited with Katja and we both were really thrilled when we hear the songs. I would describe their sound as damn good '77 style but don't wanna say KBD but it's so close, a real surprise. There is a info-sheet inside but it says nothing about the band and when you google them you'll find nothing. So another true lost undiscovered gem in the whole wide punk ocean and believe me, they kick ass and have the power to melt every ice cream. Sometimes just a blast is hiding somewhere and waiting to be discovered.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

MOTORMUSCHI - Eden 7'' 2003

Motormuschi was founded 1997 in Hamburg and they released a couple of 7Inches and a 10Inch. The band, which is also composed of the ashes of several old punkbands presents here a killer release which should appeal to everybody who enjoys the typical, slightly melancholy hamburg punk rock style which as practiced by many other HH-bands. And I like them a fuckin' lot! Brillliant Ass-Kickin' Punkrock with fat guitars, live they were a revelation, YES!! Who knew Motormuschi before will appreciate this last 7'' as well. Limited to 300 pieces so use the chance to get it quick. The band unfortunately broke up in 2007. Also necessary a CD compilation called Single-Haushalt with all their recordings. Great Stuff!

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

BUGS - Bloody Mess EP 1979 + Computer Is No Loser EP 1980

It seems Swedish punk bands never fail to dissapoint me. The Bugs from Gävle prove this phenomenal - they made two records and both are awesome Killers! The young punks have recognized the punk spirit and formed without really playin' an instrument a band and that was a brilliant idea. The first EP is one of the best Swedish punk record ever in my opinion. Snotty, rough & aggressive while the Computer EP is different, with a little bit synthesizer, slightly poppy (melodic), catchy bass lines, very dynamic; don't get me wrong, it's not a powerpop one, just a little bit "softer" - I had both on my hard drive but Mister Fredrik sent me his rips years ago and the sound quality is much better as mine. You're like '77 punk style, this is a revelation. In 1984 the band split up. Songs on Bloodstains Across Sweden, Kick Your Mama's Ass (coming soon) & Vägra Raggarna Benzin 2 - So far so good.

- Huge Thx to Fredrik -

HOW RUC - Wasserwacht EP 1981

A band from Munich with pretty amateurish Lo-Fi garagepunk and they stormed the charts of the early 80's, hahaha... I believe, nowadays nobody is capable of recording such bunker sound and I can not listen to this a long time but sometimes I just enjoy this bumpy music. And by the way How Ruc makes that not bad, hearty laughs guaranteed. Lyrically appropriate to the music I would say, unfortunately song # 4 'Boy' is not included and I would be grateful if someone send this to me. All in all a very funny record and something else entirely, well Punk has many faces. Only post today because I'm not in the mood, see ya tomorrow.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

V/A - Killed By Death #15½ 1998

I believe it's time for another highlight from the glorious bootlegger front and I quote the lines of the one who compiled this record from the backcover: "Dear collector scum fucker, here is the ultimate Ami punk installment! On some KBD volumes the impotent geeks focused their interest only on top rarities, not on the fucking music!!!". Here you'll find the top of the uncompiled U.S. punk songs 1978-1981. Regular geeks can be satisfied. Your fave KBD comp. is in your hands, so if you're still thinking about it, pick it up stupid asshole! If you have punk balls, your cock will be satisfied. Shame on you if you are one of the losers buyin' now rare punk records at fuckin' crazy prices... we have them all since the day they came out at two dollars each!!! A limited number were released on yellow vinyl, for the rest of us, it is on black vinyl with plain white labels." I think 15½ has appeared in a small edition, was hard to get a copy and was not cheap you know but I love this serie and vinyl is still the best... other opinions?

1.The Loser - VAINS
2.Intellectual Morons - CRAP DETECTORS
3.Sophistication - PLASTIC IDOLS
4.Let Go - PLUGZ
6.Calling Dr. Modo - SHITDOGS
7.Drugs Are For Thugs - THE PANICS
8.Execution Time - SHELL SHOCK
9.Meat Is Rotten - STYPHNOIDS
10.Do The Uganda - CONTROLLERS
11.Do You Wanna - WAYWARD YOUTH
12.Can't Control Myself - SUBVERTS
14.High Hopes - SNUKY TATE
15.Don't Tell Me Why - BRAINIACS
16.Cops - THE LEPERS
17.Johnny Paranoid - SADO-NATION
18.Ladies With Appliances - DOW JONES & THE INDUSTRIALS