Wednesday, 17 January 2018


I think, I had three or four records from the following band but I can't find them anymore, only mp3's.. Fuck! Anyway, Strassenjungs is a punkrock band from Frankfurt/Main and they were often a welcome guest in many local youth clubs in the 80s and they have lots of records published, most of them on the band's own label Tritt Records. Their brilliant debut album 'Dauerlutscher' came out in 1977 and was set five years later, because of the offensive lyrics, on the index of the federal department for youth-writings. After expiration of the 25-year indexing period the album was again free to minors. What is absolute nonsense because this album is still a risk for the youth, hahaha. Los! is their third album and makes big FUN from the beginning and lifts the spirits with the housework or other activitiesAlive since 1977 and the latest album "HITZ" with new songs came out a year ago. Cheers!

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

OX - Drugs 7'' 1980

Ok, I'll shoot one more out today and winner is the superb debut record by this five piece from Le Havre, released via Crazy News and this rare killer shines with two unboiled KBD smasher with varied parts but always the roughness we all like listen to. In 1981 they made a second EP, Monkey Public, on SMAP Records and that's it, don't know if this record just as brilliant. On compilatons are OX also rarely represented, the two most important are: Rare Punque Francais '77-'83 (KBD #200) + Je Suis Né Dans Une Poubelle, both may be here soon. To the band otherwise no info, presumably resolution 1981.

THE CRANBERRIES - Uncertain 12'' 1991

An unscheduled post now and I guess some of you are more or less familiar with the Cranberries whose singer Dolores O'Riordan died yesterday unexpectedly in London. I've heard about via the fifteen minutes horrorshow on TV and it is really sad. I shared many beautiful moments with her music and their first three albums are still among their best and came out at the right time where I was total fucked up and went through difficult times and their shallow melancholic music was often the oil for my engine. Let's remember her with the first vinyl release on Xeric with four nice poprock numbers... R.I.P. Dolores!

Friday, 12 January 2018

V/A - Hardcore Holocaust (87-88 Sessions) 1988

OK, I don't know who sent this fantastic compilation in and actually it doesn't matter.. fact is: we're listen now to a first-class tone document and John Peel was an important component for many underground bands and he gave them a chance in his broadcast and some managed to swim up, I wish there are more people like him nowadays. - All these recordings were made on different days and invited were UK hardcore bands which bring loud fast Hard/Grindcore messages across and this record is a fuckin' explosion. I'm not a big fan of such stuff but there are phases I need that and I remember that I had the first Napalm Death 'Scum' and I never heard such stuff before, certainly a classic nowadays, but I sold the slab quickly... now thirty years later I think shit (maybe any of you have a superb vinyl rip with covers for wdthtc?). This record was released via Strange Fruit and sweeps the dust like a Tsunami out of your pores - the weekend can start off!

1.Heard It All Before - STUPIDS
2.Dog Log - STUPIDS
7.Another Nail In The Coffin - EXTREME NOISE TERROR
8.Carry On Screaming - EXTREME NOISE TERROR
9.Conned Through Life - EXTREME NOISE TERROR
10.Attack In The Aftermath - BOLT THROWER
11.Psychological Warfare - BOLT THROWER
12.Skate Bored - INTENSE DEGREE
13.Intense Degree - INTENSE DEGREE
14.Daydreams - INTENSE DEGREE
15.Bursting - INTENSE DEGREE
16.Voice Your Opinion - UNSEEN TERROR
17.Moral Crusade - NAPALM DEATH
19.Divine Death - NAPALM DEATH
20.Control - NAPALM DEATH
21.Pink Machine Gun - DOCTOR & THE CRIPPENS
22.The Garden Centre Murders - DOCTOR & THE CRIPPENS
24.Exploitation - DOOM
25.No Religion - DOOM

Thursday, 11 January 2018

V/A - Killed By Death #17 1997

The first compilation in 2018 and how can I start better as with Volume 17 of this unknown series? Yeah, this number is dedicated to rare early American Punk from 1977-1979 and I must confess, ca. 52,17% are not bad while the rest is a bit lame and I would not have select them but I don't want complain, we can be grateful that there are detectives who bring us such treasures closer. 700 copies exist and did you know that discogs blocked the sale on some? Weird, isn't it? Seen this way, the records become even more rare. Well, now we have sixteen classics from the good old days of 7Inches that were important at some point.

1.Eye Ball - THE MAD
2.Padded Cell - MENTALLY ILL
3.Suicide - SHIRKERS
4.X-Road - MAX LOAD
5.Hardcore - THE NORMALS
6.Annette - VICTIMS
8.I Am A Reactor - THE REACTORS
9.I'm A Mutant - COUNT VERTIGO
11.Cannibal Him - CHAIN GANG
12.Run Run Run - STIMULATORS
13.Pop Gun - MARY MONDAY
14.Get Outta My Way - VORES
15.I Wanna Be Spoiled - SHOCK
16.Good Filthy Fun - ACTIVE DOG

DER DURSTIGE MANN - Hellblaun 1990

Another poetic delight of Frankfurt's garage lo-fi band that had impressed our famous godfather Goethe himself is the sixth album by Der Durstige Mann which is also released on Orgasm Records and it's a musical highlight with sixteen songs about growing old, drinkin' beer, women, love and drinkin' beer again, woman and love and I sold the record a few years ago and in principle a stupid decision but if I run out of money sacrifices must be made, I'm sure you know that. Well, the first time here on wdthtc and I promise you will be satisfied. So open up an Äppelwoi (even if it's early in the morning) and listen to this glamor album.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

OHL - Verbrannte Erde 1983

Fourth album by Leverkusen's finest Punk combo OHL, released via Rock-O-Rama and in the typical sound of the responsible whose name is unimportant. Verbrannte Erde is the last record where the gentlemen fourteen hearty excellent hardcore/punk songs recorded: crude, fast and with a brilliant milling, sawing guitar, before they changed their sound into a darker and tranquil direction (but gothic-rock I would not call it). Lyrically still influenced by the cold war but I think the basic structure is clear. A German punk classic in every case and in 2006 appeared a reissue by Teenage Rebel Records.

Monday, 8 January 2018

THE UNDERDOGS - The Punk Demos Collection 2015

Fine tidbit by Common People Records which remastered the demos of the Underdogs and brings this as limited edition finally for us available. All tracks taken from their first demo “Riot In Rothwell” that was recorded 1982 and from their second demo “East Of Dachau”, recorded 1983 and it's a terrific revelation, pure impactInfo from Backcover:

The Underdogs from Leeds, were a prolific band of the second batch of UK Punk. They recorded two brilliant demos between 1982 & 1983. The band were formed in 1981, and their name was inspired by the song of the Mancunian legends The Drones. Although some pundits likened them to the The Clash, SLF and Dead Kennedys their own preferences were varied. That said, all four members were fans of The Clash. They rehearsed at the Windmill Youth Club in Rothwell (Leeds), which was also the launching pad of fellow Riot City Punksters, The Expelled.

They recorded their first demo in 1981, which included the songs 'Big Brother' and 'Make It Last'. However, it was their second visit to the studio in 82/83 (this time funded by Riot City, that saw their finest hour), the production of 'East of Dachau' EP, which, with 'Johnny Go Home' and 'Dead Soldier' announced their arrival on the Punk scene.

Despite limited success, mainly due to lack of gigs, Riot City persevered with the band and an 8' track Mini-Album was planned for the following year. Sadly, Riot City fell into financial difficulties at this time and so those 8' tracks, which included 'Never Gonna Give Up', 'Hate Bomb' and 'Paint It Red' never saw daylight. During the following year they managed to do a few gigs, supporting The Toy Dolls, Angelic Upstarts and Subhumans among others but they never got the chance to play outside the UK. The very last line-up was: Bill and UG (The Underdogs) and Macca and Tim (The Expelled). By this time they had changed their name to Paradise West. They played one gig supporting the Upstarts then disbanded, permanently. 'Riot In Rothwell' was released posthumously... Using the tracks from the 8" track EP that never was. (UG 2015)

Fifteen solid punk dutties, still fresh and without a best before date - TOP!!!

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

Saturday, 6 January 2018

THE SAINTS - This Perfect Day 12'' 1977

Back from a relaxed birthday party not tired yet I have the urge to bring this cool band from down under to you, this is buzzing in my head for a few days and today is the day: The Saints are a rock band, originating in Brisbane, Australia founded by Chris Bailey (singer-songwriter, later guitarist), Ivor Hay (drummer), and Ed Kuepper (guitarist-songwriter) in 1974. Alongside mainstay Bailey, the group has had numerous line-ups. In 1975, contemporaneously with American punk rock band the Ramones, the Saints were employing the fast tempos, raucous vocals and "buzz saw" guitar that characterised early punk rock. With their debut single, "(I'm) Stranded", in September 1976, they became the first "punk" band outside the US to release a record. This is their second 7inch and some 12 Inches were pressed with the note: "Important Notice - Due to an administrative error, this limited 12" pressing of The Saint's "This Perfect Day" c/w "L-I-E-S" single contains a third, additional title not available on the normal 7" pressing. The additional title, "Do The Robot", has consequently been withdrawn from future releases consideration and will now be available only on this 12" pressing". Well, this is not my rip and sometimes I regret that but good music should and must be heard and bloggers are there for that. Apart from that, the band is still active and they will hopefully rock at the age of seventy.

TUMOR CIRCUS - s/t LP 1991

I think this is the 3rd collaboration of Jello Biafra with other musicians and for Tumor Circus he found members of Steel Pole Bath Tub and Grong Grong and they release two 7Inches and one album and in this file are everything in. Musically, it's pretty noisy and to the typical driving sound shines Jello's psychedelic voice how's only he can bring it over and for this project are the suitable members on boardI got the slab donated by a friend and of course I was equally enthusiastic because I know almost all things but Tumor Circus (great band name) was completely new to me, "Fireball" or "Calcutta A-Go-Go" are brilliant songs and the fulminate sluggish fifteen minutes "Turn Off The Respirator" at the end summarizes the whole theatrics of the songs/words in one piece. I'm sure, do you didn't know the record yet you will love it. Regrettably Charles Tolnay (guitars) passed away 15th September 2017, so give him the honor!