Saturday, 15 July 2017


Ok, we move to Berlin and meet Zerstörte Jugend, a German hardcore punk band which was founded in 1983 while Vorkriegsjugend are still active but it boiled within VKJ and so Heiland (vox), Sepp (guitars), Bomber (bass) and Rubbel (drums) decided to form another combo and via Shlitz Musikversorgung they released this superb album with ten energic storming HC/Punk candles, essentially like VKJ with the same hardness and aggressiveness. One year later the mini album 'Spastic Nightmare' followed on Destiny Records and three songs on the brilliant What Doesn't Hurt Us Makes Us Stronger compilation. Remarkable the cover, a harmless young man that wants to cut up a young girl, smack-fueled punk ;)

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  1. Funny that you did the Charge Post and then almost immediately this one. Because Zerstörte Jugend (Destroyed Youth) took their name precisely from The Charge's Destory the Youth EP you posted! Yes, their link with VKJ can be felt in their music but the general approach is different, ZJ are a bit slower, but they compensate the loss of speed with more intensity; the vocals and everything are more macabre and 'destroyed'. It's a great record, a bit better than VKJ (who are good, too) to my ears. I'm not downloading this one, I have it already ;)


    Fernando :)